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Ending Poverty Through Trade

03 Jun, 2015 David Abney, CEO of UPS on "How free trade can bring prosperity to people across the world." The playwright George Bernard Shaw once wrote that poverty is “the greatest of evils and [...]

June 3rd, 2015|

Green Goods Deal Launched at WTO

A group of 14 WTO members formally launched negotiations last week for a new agreement aimed at liberalising trade in environmental goods. Through this planned Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA), the group hopes to “achieve our [...]

July 14th, 2014|

Trade Policy and the post-2015 Agenda

by Alice Tipping, ICTSD With the expiry of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) coming up in 2015, the UN is in the process of pulling together a post-2015 global development agenda. The final outcome is [...]

March 19th, 2014|

The Future of Aid

Summary and Conclusions The word ‘aid’ should carry with it a number of health warnings.  Bilateral aid will focus increasingly on fragile, badly governed and insecure countries.  But as the number of those countries diminishes, [...]

December 19th, 2013|

What could the WTO Ministerial Deliver?

The WTO’s 9th Ministerial Conference in Bali, 3-6 December 2013, aims to deliver on three key strands: Trade Facilitation, a few agricultural elements including export subsidies and specific issues relating to cotton, and items of [...]

November 26th, 2013|

10 policy priorities

As the proposed new EU Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström, prepares for her hearing with the International Trade Committee this afternoon, Trade Out of Poverty have published 10 policy priorities asking her to recognise that trade [...]

November 8th, 2013|

Aid for Trade and our commitment to MDGs

By Alasdair Charnock WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy introduced a report yesterday at the Third Global Review of Aid for Trade in Geneva which documented that the amount of money given to promote and foster trade [...]

July 22nd, 2013|

Ending Poverty Through Trade

David Abney, CEO of UPS on "How free trade can bring prosperity to people across the world." The playwright George Bernard Shaw once wrote that poverty is “the greatest of evils and the worst of [...]

June 3rd, 2013|

How Can Africa Deliver on its Promise?

In March this year, the 2013 edition of the Economic Report on Africa stated that African countries had the opportunity to transform their economies through a commodity-based industrialization strategy that would see the continent begin [...]

May 13th, 2013|

Is Doha Still the Best Way to Go?

In the absence of agreement on the Doha round of trade talks, Asia has embarked on a host of bilateral and region-to-region trading arrangements which have increased trade complexity. Pushan Dutt, Associate Professor of Economics [...]

April 12th, 2013|

MPs Debate Post-2015 Development Agenda

By David Brockway A recent backbench business debate arranged by Hugh Bayley MP and attended by the Secretary of State for the Department for International Development, Alan Duncan, highlighted the importance of promoting open trade [...]

April 2nd, 2013|

Cautious post-Davos hopes for Doha?

Last week, trade ministers met on the sidelines of the Annual World Economic Forum in Davos. The result of their informal meeting? That members must take stock at Easter as to whether a “meaningful result” [...]

January 31st, 2013|

WTO Needs a Credibility Face-Lift

Peter Sutherland, former Director-General of GATT/WTO and co-chair of the High-Level Expert Group on Trade wrote this week of his concern that bilateral trade agreements are threatening the credibility of the WTO. The Doha Round [...]

January 23rd, 2013|

Colombia and Peru cheer EU trade deal

Andres Schipani - Ahead of Christmas, some people in the Andes and Europe are already cheering – probably with whisky. And they believe they have good reasons to do so after the European Parliament [...]

December 12th, 2012|

Doha Press Release

Before Christmas, trade ministers gathered Geneva for their first full conference since 2009.  The Doha round of global trade talks, named after the Qatari capital in which they began 10 years ago, has been deadlocked [...]

February 9th, 2012|

TOP co-hosts seminar with YPFP

Last Tuesday evening we co-hosted an event with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy looking at how we can make trade work for Africa.  Speakers - from Oxfam, Standard Chartered and the Institute for Development Studies [...]

December 12th, 2011|

Doha: Much more than market access

By Annabel Palmer In an entry for the World Bank's Growth and Crisis blog, Otaviano Canuto - Vice President and Head of Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) - writes that there is much that [...]

November 14th, 2011|

G20 Cannes – what should we expect?

By Alasdair Charnock On Thursday the leaders of the G20 will meet in Cannes, France.  While proceedings are likely to be dominated by the Eurozone financial crisis, other issues that need addressing will linger in [...]

November 3rd, 2011|

Should Doha be ‘kept alive’?

By Alasdair Charnock This week signalled further disappointment for the Doha Round with the European Parliament International Trade Committee announcing that agreement on the DDA will not be reached in Geneva this December. It had been hoped that [...]

September 9th, 2011|

Monday 27th June

by Alasdair Charnock On Monday, £1.4billion worth of trade deals was signed between Chinese and British companies and was shown off by Prime Minister Cameron on a day of pomp and ceremony with the Chinese [...]

June 29th, 2011|

Keeping up with the world economy

So where do LDCs fit within these value chains? Most LDC economies will be dependent upon one or two commodities, or they will offer a venue for cheap labour which large multinational companies can take [...]

June 29th, 2011|

The Africa Growth and Opportunities Act

The annual forum for the Africa Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) between the United States and sub-Saharan African countries took place last week in Zambia. While the overall outcome of the meetings, attended by Hillary [...]

June 20th, 2011|

GDP and Trade Growth

When the global economic crisis was at its peak in 2009, international trade flows decreased by around 12% compared to 2008 as demand for goods declined. This represented the most severe slump in trade for [...]

June 8th, 2011|

Emerging voices

With recent speculation over who will succeed Dominique Strauss-Kahn as Managing Director of the IMF, the topic of emerging market representation at the multi-lateral level has risen once again. One of the key factors in [...]

June 2nd, 2011|
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