Former Cabinet Minister Paul Boateng endorses TOP’s goals

Last week, Lord Boateng endorsed Trade Out of Poverty’s goals in a short speech made at our Summer Reception.  Addressing over 70 members and supporters, he stressed the importance of trade as a long-term solution to poverty.

Aid and debt relief can alleviate poverty.  But only trade can enable countries to leave poverty behind.  Indeed, virtually all the world’s development success stories – from Korea to China and from Mauritius to Vietnam – have used trade to become what they are today.

Lord Boateng cited his grandfather as a success story, who, through enterprise in Ghana as a cocoa farmer, was able to finance and educate his son and grandson.  It highlighted how we really need to publicise the success stories coming from Africa, rather than focusing on hardship and poverty on the continent.

We were very grateful to our sponsors, Nedbank, for hosting this superb reception on the terrace of their offices in the City.

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