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An important part of the work of the APPG-TOP is to undertake Inquiries into key issues on the trade and development agenda. Inquires typically call for written evidence from interested parties, invite key witnesses to give oral evidence at public Hearings in Parliament, and undertake ad hoc consultations with key stakeholders in the UK and overseas. APPG-TOP Inquiries are led by specially appointed committees of eminent persons and experts, and are conducted as transparently as possible, with all submitted evidence being published as well as the Inquiry Final Reports.

Completed Inquiry: Can the Commonwealth help developing countries trade out of poverty?

As the clock ticks down to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) Summit in the UK in April 2018, in mid September 2017 APPG-TOP launched a new Inquiry, titledCan the Commonwealth help developing countries trade out of poverty?” 

The final report, titled Our Shared Prosperous Future: an agenda for values-led trade, inclusive growth and sustainable jobs for the Commonwealth” can be downloaded here, and the associated press release, here. For more details on the Commonwealth Inquiry, please click here.

Completed Inquiry: the UK’s Africa Free Trade Initiative (AFTi)

In 2016, the APPG-TOP conducted an Inquiry into the UK’s Africa Free Trade Initiative (AFTi), which was launched by the UK Prime Minister, Rt Hon David Cameron MP, in July 2011. The Final Report was published in October 2016 and can be downloaded here.

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