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Support for Trade Out of Poverty

Since its inauguration, Trade Out of Poverty has been forging links with other organisations. We have built partnerships with NGOs, charities and business groups to work together to focus attention on the opportunities for boosting trade with the poorest countries TOP has already established the following relationships:

Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Dr Mo IbrahimDr Mo Ibrahim was Guest of Honour at TOP’s awareness raising event in November 2010. He has highlighted the importance of trade and of the work that TOP is engaged in:

“We must recognise the damage we do by blocking or restricting trade. In part this is a moral question for us, but we are also aware that we are missing the potential of millions of great people whose initiative is being shut off. Over the years I have seen what can be done when the poorest are unable to fulfil their potential. Especially in these difficult times we should be opening our horizons to the dynamism and creativity among the world’s poorest so that together we move forwards not backwards”.


Duncan GreenDuncan Green, Head of Research at Oxfam GB and author of From Poverty to Power has endorsed Trade Out of Poverty, saying:

“World trade could be a powerful force to overcome global poverty, but this escape route is closed to the world’s poor because of unfair trade rules. The Trade Out of Poverty campaign could make an important contribution to opening that escape route for those who desperately need it.”


George GelberGeorge Gelber, Head of Public Policy, CAFOD – “CAFOD supports Trade Out of Poverty’s initiative – an integrated package to help the poorest developing countries take advantage of opportunities opened up by globalisation.

CAFOD welcomes TOP’s recognition that rich countries should stop insisting that poor countries open their economies in return for access to our markets. They need freedom to develop in their own way, just as we and other rich countries have done. The measures proposed by the TOP initiative could do as much, or more, to redress poverty as the emergency packages currently being debated by… Barack Obama and the World Bank”.

Kofi A Annan, former UN Secretary-General

Kofi Annan“I welcome Trade Out of Poverty… and support its aims to highlight the iniquities of the status quo and campaign for trade justice.”

Sir Bob Geldof, anti-poverty campaigner

Sir Bob Geldof“In the long run we all know that trade is the vehicle that people in Africa will use to exit the condition of poverty… That’s why the formation of this group at this time is so important.”

Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Mary Robinson“I welcome…Trade Out of Poverty. It’s aims of opening rich country markets unconditionally, ending rich country subsidies and supporting investment in infrastructure are critical to building broad-based economic development. I applaud…(TOP)…even more at this juncture, when we must redouble our efforts to create sustainable and decent work opportunities across low-income countries that are buffeted by the short-and long-term challenges of economic crisis and climate change”.

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