TOP Co-Chair Puts the Case for Open Trade as MPs Debate Post-2015 Agenda

TOP co-chair Peter Lilley put forward the case for making open trade a priority in the post-2015 development agenda. Peter stressed that the goals must help countries achieve sustainable growth – not only must developed countries create opportunities for poorer nations to trade, but they must also enhance the ability of those countries to capitalise on those opportunities.

Peter discussed how trade impacts on more traditional development issue areas such as agriculture and health – IP regulations at the WTO affect access to medicines at affordable prices, and, despite many trading blocs including the EU claiming to provide duty-free quota-free access to LDCs, the worst tariffs remain on the agricultural products that so much of the developing world depend. Targets for removing export subsidies and simplifying rules of origin must be incorporated into the new framework.

Watch the debate here (Peter’s speech 2:05:35 – 2:23:33)

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