TOP joined a select group of 40 trade facilitation and development experts from developing countries, the private sector, academia and donor agencies in London on the 21st of November to review the state of play with the trade facilitation agenda in Least Developed Countries in Africa and Asia in the context of a new WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation which could be signed this week at the Bali Ministerial Conference.

Panellists and participants explored how LDCs and development partners could build on the regional integration and trade facilitation initiatives already underway in Africa and Asia to deliver solutions for implementing a new WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement that would maximise the pay-offs for LDCs in terms of cutting the costs of doing business and trading across borders.

Hosted by the Saana Institute and the Crown Agents Foundation, participants took the opportunity to share national and regional trade facilitation experiences, implementation concerns, good practices and responded to the viewpoints that were presented.

Download the full Outcomes Report here

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