Written Evidence: Emily Jones

Emily Jones, Associate Professor at the Blavatnik School of Government, Director of the Global Economic Governance Programme and a Fellow of University College.

Brexit: Implications for Trade with Developing Countries


  • If the UK exits the EU, then under all conceivable scenarios it will need to renegotiate its trade relations with third parties. This is vital for developing countries as almost all of them access the UK market on preferential terms, through a myriad of agreements that have been brokered by the European Commission
  • If the UK leaves the EU, these agreements will no longer apply, and quick action will be needed to avert the severe trade disruption that faces some developing countries
  • Brexit may offer a silver lining: precisely because new trade arrangements will need to be agreed, it provides an opportunity to restructure and improve the UK’s trade relations with developing countries to maximise the positive impact of UK for development
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